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    Things to Consider When Choosing Cabinets for Kitchen

    Cabinets form the backbone of the kitchen. Configure the cabinetry to make the maximum use of your kitchen’s size and floor plan. The right kitchen cabinetry can make or break your kitchen's functionality and style — not to mention your budget. New cabinets can convert a dated, inefficient kitchen into…
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    Tips to Increase Resale Value of Your Home

    With the real estate prices going up, this is the perfect time to capitalise on your investment. Putting up your home for sale just the way it is at this moment might not get the value you are expecting. So it is wise enough to spruce up your home a…
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    Should You Choose A Bespoke Kitchen?

    A bespoke kitchen refers to a home kitchen that is made on the basis of the exact specifications as cited by the owner of the home. Nowadays bespoke kitchens have become incredibly well liked for a number of excellent reasons. To begin with what does a kitchen space mean for…
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    Should You Opt for a Walk in Wardrobe?

    Walk in closets are a room or a closet where you can walk into and use for storing clothes and accessories. The size of the same may vary from small to very large ones. A well organized walk in is indeed a blessing and it evokes the feel of a…
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    Hinged or Sliding – Which Wardrobes to Choose?

    The most important decision making factor when you are stuck between choosing a sliding or hinged door wardrobe is the amount of space available in the room. While hinged wardrobes may prove as a better choice in larger rooms where there is adequate space for the doors to open, a…
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    Choosing The Right Fitted Furniture Fitters

    To give you home an upmarket look, it is necessary that you choose the right furniture. Choosing the right furniture is not just about it beauty, you need to consider a lot of other aspects like the material, finish and style. You should choose furniture so that it adds value…
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    Benefits of Fitted Bedrooms over Traditional Bedrooms

    When thinking of designing your bedroom, most of the times we start with thinking about the colour schemes, the draperies, bedding fabrics, etc. Often times, homeowners leave behind the most important aspect of bedroom designing – Furniture. You can get the room repainted anytime or change the bedding fabrics anytime…
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    Tips to Make a Small Room Look Larger

    Many people stay in small homes and fitting everything into a small space isn't an easy task. A lot of people choose to stay in smaller homes to avoid the hassles of maintenance and cleaning. An unorganized small room looks like a cramped and uncomfortable place. No matter what the…
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    Get a Fitted Kitchen to Update Your Home

    A kitchen is one of the essential requirements for a house. It is of utmost importance that you invest time and energy in planning out the design, styling and installation of your appliances to help you meet your needs at every step. You have to ensure that for a fitted…
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