Tips to Optimise Kitchen Storage Space

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    Tips to Optimise Kitchen Storage Space

    Who does not want to live in a lavish house? But not everyone is fortunate to fulfil such dreams. You might have to compromise with the amount of living space, but that in no way means you have compromise with your lifestyle. You can make a compact house look lavish with proper planning. Talking about space, the kitchen is the most important area of the room and it is essential that you optimise the storage space to ensure everything fits in, without compromising on the aesthetics. However, it is easier said than done.

    If tearing down the walls is not an option for you, here are some useful tips that will help you help you optimise the kitchen space:

    1. Choose The Right Storage Units

    Choosing the right kitchen storage is very important to maximise the available space. If you have a tiny kitchen, then multi-shelf storage units with front access is the best suited option for you. The multi-shelves are strategically engineered so that the shelves get tucked inside when you close the door and when you pull it out, the shelves at the back pull out automatically giving you access to everything.

    2. Utilise The Walls

    Instead of storing everything on the counter, use the available wall space to store things. Use hooks and shelves to hang the items. Install a knife rack on the wall to store the knives. A pot rack is also very useful if you have space crunch. You can either install the pot racks on the wall or from the ceiling.

    3. Find a Place For The Small Appliances

    Most of the households today have open kitchens, so it is essential to keep the counter space free of clutter. It is easier to get rid of the napkins, ladles, knives, etc. but what would you do with the small appliances liked the toaster, griller, juicer, etc.? You can store the small appliances within a large shelf or cabinet. This will help you keep the kitchen clutter free and have easy access to the appliances as well.

    4. Place The Table Strategically

    If the space is too compact, you will have to put in a lot of effort to position the larger items carefully. You have to find some place to accommodate the dining table, not too far from the kitchen. So either go for a foldable table or choose compact, space-saving table with only four chairs. Need more storage space, install some storage space under the table and hide them with help of a long table cloth.

    5. Re-Arrange The Appliances

    Rearranging appliances can be very beneficial if you want to optimise the available space. Minor tweaks can help you scoop out more space without the need of tearing down the walls. Look at the unused spaces and corners and think how you can utilise them to maximise the storage space. See whether you can place storage baskets or installs hooks or racks. In order to maximise the available kitchen space, all you need to do is a bit of planning. By choosing the right kind of kitchen storage units and placing the items properly, you can make the kitchen look clean and spacious.

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