Things to Consider When Choosing Cabinets for Kitchen

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    Things to Consider When Choosing Cabinets for Kitchen

    Cabinets form the backbone of the kitchen. Configure the cabinetry to make the maximum use of your kitchen’s size and floor plan. The right kitchen cabinetry can make or break your kitchen’s functionality and style — not to mention your budget. New cabinets can convert a dated, inefficient kitchen into a functional, organized, multitasking space. Nowadays they come with a dizzying array of finishes and options at many different price points.

    Listed below are some of the major considerations for setting up your kitchen-

    1. Quality– Look for products certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, which are subjected to tests that replicate years of normal kitchen abuse. Certified cabinets survive exposure to humidity, temperatures ranging from –5 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and dousing of kitchen mainstays like vinegar, lemon, fruit juices, ketchup, and coffee without showing signs of blistering, discoloration, or other damage.

    2. Material– Solid wood remains a popular choice for kitchen cabinetry, but other materials like metal, thermo foil, stainless steel, and melamine are readily available. Another important thing to look for during your kitchen storage solutions is to ensure the finishing of the cabinet. Solid wood cabinet colors can be left in their natural state or can be finished or stained. Decorative finishes are available—distressing, glazing, crackle, and more.

    3. Hardware-Hardware can really impact the final look of your cabinets. It can either dress them up or down or make them look more contemporary, country, or traditional. Knobs and drawer pulls are easy and inexpensive to change later in comparison to cabinet doors or finishes.Soft-close on drawers and doors is a must. Some hinges have this feature built-in, but it’s an add-on cost for other models. You don’t have to invest in luxury cabinets to get high-quality features. Moderately priced, semi-custom cabinets offer many organization solutions like spice organizers and pull-out pantries. These are the most sought after in kitchen storage solutions.

    4. Door- A door style exists for every taste, whether it is very traditional or country or ultra-modern. More complicated wood detailing, like raised panels and beading, are generally more expensive and require more work to clean. Simple but stylish, the flat-panel cabinet door is void of any expensive details. Its hard lines and minimalist form make it a great fit for contemporary and modern interiors.

    5. Door Mounting- There are many mounting options for cabinet doors, the most common being overlay, where the door lays over the cabinet case. Regular overlay allows the face frame to be seen around the doors, whereas full overlay mounting fits doors closely together, hiding the cabinet case behind. Inset doors are less common, with the doors being installed flush inside the frame.

    The kitchen is one of the biggest investments in the house so it’s important to use your hard earned cash wisely when buying new kitchen cabinets. However choose a classical design of kitchen cabinet, if you’re not planning for this to be your forever home. Classical styles, such as white kitchen cabinets, are timeless and have a wide appeal, which is important when it comes to selling your property.

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