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    Things to Do Before Moving into New House

    Buying a house can be very exciting, especially if you have found your dream house. Leasing and renting may have many complications, so buying a home is a good option. Many people prefer buying old houses since they are available for much lower prices. However, when buying an old house there are many things to be considered. You must first make sure it is safe enough and you must also check whether it has any legal hassles or not. After buying the home, you need to prepare it before moving in.

    Painting, cleaning and repairing are must; however there are many more things to be done, which include:

    Changing The Safety Locks

    Once you have been handed over the keys, the first thing you must do is change the locks on the main door and all the entrances. This will give you peace of mind and make sure there are no dangers of trespassing. It is best to hire a locksmith and get the locks changed immediately before moving in.

    Check The Interiors

    Your needs might be different from the people who inhabited prior to you. So you need to check whether the interiors need to be upgraded or not. Many old houses don’t have enough storage spaces or even if they have, they are out-dated. If your house has the same problem, consider hiring fitted furniture designers to get an idea about how to upgrade the storage space and what kind of furniture will be suitable for the house.

    Fitted furniture are the best since they are made-to-order, which means they will fit in perfectly in the allocated space. If you find closets that don’t have enough shelves and drawers, you can also get them customised according to your needs. Kitchen is another space that needs your attention. Make sure the kitchen has enough cabinets and storage space. Also check whether the counter tops need to be changed. Get everything changed and upgraded before moving in, since it might get messy if you try to get it done after moving in.

    Check the Electrical and Plumbing Lines

    If you have bought an old house, chances are they electrical and plumbing lines have not been checked or repaired for a long time. Check the house for discoloured cover plates, rusted air vents, faulty lines, etc. Also check whether the plumbing lines have leaks or not. If you don’t have enough time to check it for yourself, you can hire electricians and plumbers and ask them to check everything minutely. If you decide to use any old appliance, make sure you get them checked and repaired, if necessary.

    Get Rid of Pests

    If the house is pest infested, you must get rid of them immediately. There are many DIY ways to remove pests but hiring a pest removal service is often more convenient. Buying an old house might be great but you must make sure you make it liveable before moving in. Check every corner of the house and get the necessary repairs done.

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