What is the best material for fitted wardrobes?

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    What is the best material for fitted wardrobes?

    The furniture is the fundamental element of the home décor, and hence, it cannot be plain and dull. You can count on the finish and appearance of the furniture to balance out the interior design of every room.

    Be it your living room or bedroom, dining space, or study room; the color, texture, and workmanship of the furniture represents your style of living and personality.

    Take the example of fitted wardrobes. When you choose the best company that supplies fitted wardrobes Reading, you expect that it balances functionality as well as durability. And there should be oodles of style, it goes without saying.

    When it comes to choosing the best material, there are several choices. A professional company you call for fitted wardrobes Pinner would use high-quality, robust, and most practical materials to fulfill your needs.

    Here are some popular materials for fitted wardrobes


    Yes, the list of materials cannot begin with any other than this traditional favorite material.

    It is still the best and the most favorite material by design classicists that make stylish fitted wardrobes Slough.

    Since it stands the test of time and has superb glamor and visual appeal, you can choose it. But some designers feel that wood is not as customizable as other materials. Therefore, it can be chosen with a mix of other compatible materials.

    Wood is heavy and susceptible to scratches and nicks. It needs maintenance.


    Nowadays Particleboard is a favorite of several makers and suppliers of fitted wardrobes. It is a good material to use on-site because it is lightweight. Cutting is easier and it does not produce much dust.

    Experts say that it is a greatly controllable material. It can be cut precisely. The adaptable nature of particleboard makes it possible to scribe the panels right up to walls. It does not leave any gaps.

    This material does not distort over time. Thus, your wardrobe retains its shape for a long time. And it meets the forestry sustainability standards of Europe.


    It is another superior quality material that can be used for fitted wardrobes Harrow. It is the latest material, admired by designers for its ability to create detailed and smooth routed designs.

    It is robust and long-lasting. Fibreboard is ideal for long furniture pieces due to its qualities. It doesn’t warp and retains its shape forever.

    It also meets the forestry sustainability standards of Europe.

    Picking the perfect material ensures that your wardrobe remains timeless in style and durability.

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