What does fully fitted bedroom mean?

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    What does fully fitted bedroom mean?

    When you think about updating the current bedroom, you have several design solutions. You might think about free-standing “normal” wardrobes or fitted wardrobes.

    Which one will you choose? Well, they have a separate set of positive and negative aspects. Therefore, you cannot say that one is better than the other.

    Qualities of fully fitted bedrooms

    In a fitted bedroom, typically you get twice the amount of storage as compared to freestanding furniture. Since they are fully bespoke, you do not have awkward gaps left to fill with clutter. Neither do you have any problem in cleaning them. And you have a place for everything!

    Also, a fitted bedroom in London is designed just for your home. It is a solution developed keeping you in mind. The storage needs in your mind are considered and translated into the layout and the furniture. The positioning of the interior fittings or rails is such that you will be able to reach there comfortably.

    Some people want more space for shirts, some for long dresses, and need smaller cupboards because they keep the clothes folded.

    When a designer designs fitted bedrooms, he considers the needs explained by his client. Even while designing fitted furniture in London, user demands are given the most priority.

    A fitted bedroom has wardrobes that always fit the place. It is because you get them designed in a customized manner. If there are sloping ceilings awkwardly positioned windows, or rooms that are not perfect squares or rectangles, then the wardrobes will use the most available space, and give the best storage.

    A fitted bedroom in London does not just talk about clothes. Storage for all other things will get justified space there. The designers consider your requirement for space to store skiing shoes, tennis rackets, suitcases, board games, and hundreds of other items. You can have a place for everything and every hobby.

    A fitted bedroom is never cluttered. It is because you make use of the full height of the walls. The interior is flexible and there is good hanging rail space and enough room for drawers and shelves. When the shelves are fitted neatly up to the ceiling, there is no clutter on top of freestanding wardrobes.

    In short, fitted bedrooms do not have issues that are common in freestanding design.

    Once you pick the design and finishes, your bedroom will be craftsman-fitted without needing to lift a finger.

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