Tips to Make a Small Room Look Larger

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    Tips to Make a Small Room Look Larger

    Many people stay in small homes and fitting everything into a small space isn’t an easy task. A lot of people choose to stay in smaller homes to avoid the hassles of maintenance and cleaning. An unorganized small room looks like a cramped and uncomfortable place. No matter what the reason for living in a small house is, you have to be very smart with decorating the rooms and get really organized to give your home a clutter free and inviting look.

    From the colour, furniture, lighting and space planning everything has to be taken care of, so that you can transform the room into a cosy haven for relaxation. To make your room appear bigger than it actually is, you need to trick the human eyes to perceive more space by organizing the elements in a specific manner. The good news is making a small space look bigger is easier than you think.

    Tips to Make the Room Appear Bigger

    Right Proportions

    When buying furniture for a small space you must consider the right proportions. Make sure the furniture are such that there is enough space between the furniture and the walls to create a sense of larger space. Avoid buying furniture that are too heavy and eat up a lot of space. A good idea is to call upon fitted wardrobes designers reading and get the furniture custom made according to the dimensions of the room.

    Choose Light Hues

    Dark colours are in vogue, but they make a room appear smaller. So if you have a small space, it is always good to settle for lighter hues. Light colours make the room look airy and open creating a sense of roominess.

    Multifunctional Furniture

    Furniture are one of the most important element of your home and they also help you organize things. Choose multifunctional wardrobes, so that you can tuck in everything into it that makes the room look cluttered. Fitted wardrobes designers reading can help you design multi-functional wardrobes that will add value to your room and make it look clutter free.

    Mirrors Make the Room Appear Bigger

    The easiest way to make your room appear bigger is by strategically placing a mirror. Mirrors reflect light and the view creating a illusion of a larger space. Choose over-sized full length mirrors or you can also hang many small mirrors to create a character for your room. If you want to make your bedroom appear bigger, you can choose mirrored sliding-door wardrobes. So you can put in everything into the wardrobe to de-clutter the bedroom, while the mirrored doors will make the room appear larger.

    Say No to Drapes

    Eliminating drapes and curtains help you to keep the space simple. If you need some privacy you can consider cloth blinds, shutters or white drapes that that make the room look airy and open. Same goes for rugs. Avoid using rugs, and if they are necessary keep them small and simple. The secret to make your room appear larger is allowing as much light to enter the room and leave as much free space as possible. So if you live in a small home, choose elements very carefully and make sure you keep everything simple.

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