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    Tips to Increase Resale Value of Your Home

    With the real estate prices going up, this is the perfect time to capitalise on your investment. Putting up your home for sale just the way it is at this moment might not get the value you are expecting. So it is wise enough to spruce up your home a little bit before putting on the “For sale” board. But that does not mean you’ll have to break your bank to get the right price. Small but efficient home improvements are what the homeowners should focus on to sell their properties at the right price.

    So what should a homeowner do? Here is a list of some small and inexpensive home improvements that will help you increase the resale value of your home:

    Upgrade The Kitchen

    Kitchen is the heart of your home and the buyers would first take a look at this part of your home. So kitchen renovations should be the homeowners’ top priority. Make sure the kitchen looks spacious, clean and reasonably updated. This means you might have to upgrade the kitchen worktops, the appliances and the kitchen storage units.
    If you can allocate some more money towards kitchen renovation, you can upgrade the cabinets with fitted kitchen furniture. This will not only make your kitchen look updated but will also make it look spacious.

    Upgrade The Bathroom

    Bathrooms also need to be upgraded to increase the resale value of your home. Replace old and stained flooring with easy-to-apply and cheap flooring options like vinyl tiles, etc. Replace the toilet seat cover. Check for leaking taps or pipes; if you find some, get them fixed. If the bathroom curtains are stained or have mould growths, replace them as well.

    Make Your Home Look Spacious

    Get rid of all the unwanted things to make your home look spacious and uncluttered. You can replace some free standing furniture with fitted furniture to make your rooms look more spacious. Improving the storage space will also make your home appealing to the homeowners. Add some built-in storage spaces; you can achieve this easily with help of fitted furniture.

    Make Your Home Look Brighter

    No one wants to live in a dark and dingy home, so it would be wise to invest some of your money to make your home look brighter. Colour the interior and exterior of your home and upgrade the lighting inside your home. The brighter your home looks the better will be the chances to get good buyers.

    Maintain The Gardens & Lawns

    Add some green elements to your home. If you have a lawn or garden that has not been maintained for a long time, make sure you invest some time to make it green again. Prune the hedges and trees and plant some flowering plants. Adding some greenery to your home will make it aesthetically pleasing from outside.

    It is possible to increase the resale value by making little makeovers to your home. So plan ahead and make your home as appealing as possible for the buyers. The above upgrades will help you make your look stunning and attract buyers easily.

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