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    Tips to Create the Perfect Guest Room

    Guest rooms are important part of our home, but seldom do we think about giving it a new look. Most of us are worried about how our living rooms, kitchen and bedrooms look and spend both time and money to give them a facelift. Guestrooms will either make or break your image in front of your guests, so it is necessary that you invest enough time to make the guestrooms look pleasing and welcoming. There is no need to burn a hole in your pocket to prepare your guestrooms, but with help of a little planning, you can make the guestrooms liveable and improve the aesthetics:

    Check The Walls

    If your guestroom has not been in use for a long time, chances are the paint and wallpapers on the wall have started showing signs of damage. Painting is often more cost-effective than replacing the wallpapers and it also gives the room an instant facelift.

    Ventilate The Room Regularly

    Guestrooms are often kept locked for long period of time, which means there are good chances of moisture getting trapped resulting in a bad and misty odour. It is wise to ventilate the guestrooms quite often to keep them fresh and free from bad odours. You can also use a dehumidifier to clean the air.

    Provide a Lot of Storage Space

    Your guests are going to require a lot of storage space, whether they are staying for a long time or not. Guestrooms can have a simple look, but providing enough storage space is very important. If your guestroom is not big enough, you can choose fitted furniture and wall-to-wall sliding wardrobes. You can also have a chest of drawers that have quite a few shelves and drawers and provides flat surface on the top, to store small belongings.

    Don’t Forget The Bathroom

    A well maintained bathroom is very important to make your guests comfortable. Make sure it is clean enough and does not show any signs of mould growth. You don’t need a huge budget to ensure the bathroom is well maintained – just get the curtains changed (if it has mould), check the plumbing and make sure there are no leaks. Having enough bathroom storage is also important – cut down the clutter and choose smart storage equipment. Wall mounted storage spaces are best solutions for small bathrooms.

    Finishing Touches Are Important

    You expect guests or not, it is always best to maintain your guestrooms. Add some fresh flowers, colourful throw pillows, etc. to give your guestrooms a fresh look. The best way to maintain the guestroom is by using it yourself. When you don’t have guests, use it yourself. By using it yourself you can find the loopholes, see what else needs to be added to make living comfortable. By implementing a few quick and simple touches, you can make the guestrooms look better. Strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, and the otherwise ordinary room into the most desired place in your home.

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