The Pros and Cons of Fitted vs Freestanding Kitchens

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    The Pros and Cons of Fitted vs Freestanding Kitchens

    Kitchens are at the heart of your home. It is the reason; you need to ensure that it suits the way that you and your family live. In most modern kitchens, there are two choices. Either you get fitted kitchens in London, or you get freestanding kitchens.

    What’s the difference between a free-standing and built-in kitchen? Built-in kitchens are integrated as part of your kitchen. Free-standing kitchens are not fitted as part of the kitchen. They are left where they can stand on their own. It means you can move cabinets around.

    What are the pros and cons of hiring fitted versus freestanding kitchens?

    Fitted kitchens

    • Aesthetics: When you hire fitted wardrobes in London, the units are concealed away. So, they are not visible. It means, your kitchen looks good, clean, and uncluttered. Even if you choose to show a small part of it, it looks minimalist and sleek.

    • Flexibility of design: When you use fitted kitchens, you get amazing design flexibility. Your kitchen looks fresh and smart.

    • It is good for small spaces: If you’ve a small space in your house for the kitchen, then a fitted kitchen is just the right choice for you. Nowadays, it is difficult to have huge houses. Space is limited and you have to adjust to that. The best thing is to design a fitted kitchen that will serve your purpose. Within a limited space, you can design a fitted kitchen that looks good.

    • It serves a dual purpose: A fitted kitchen serves dual purposes. It is impossible if you choose the normal kitchen layout. A fitted kitchen can be customized to serve dual purposes.

    As far as the limitations of cheap fitted kitchens are concerned, the only limitation is that it is less versatile. Once fitted, you cannot change the design. And if you cannot find any low-budget option, a higher cost can also be a matter of concern.

    Advantages of Freestanding Kitchens

    • Freestanding Kitchens are perfect if your house is old and there are walls of various heights. Also, it is appropriate when you have a limited budget.

    • These kitchens are versatile and freestanding. You can move things around.

    • You can have a variety and interest in the design scheme.

    • Instead of bespoke kitchens London, you should have freestanding kitchens when space is limited.

    As far as the cons of freestanding cabinets are concerned, they have a limited selection. You do not have a wide variety of options.

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