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Whether it is a private office or a home office, it is essential to design it in a manner so that it is able to adapt to the ever changing business needs. Today’s businesses are more technology-rich, collaboration-focused, so Daler Kitchens is focussed on designing offices that are more versatile and functional.

You need a well-designed, aesthetically pleasing and functional office to inspire your workforce and make them comfortable and productive. Daler Kitchens will help you design and build the perfect office that will inspire and motivate all your employees. With years of experience in fitting modern office spaces and installing office units, we design office spaces that look well laid out and welcoming for both the clients and the employees.

Our team at Daler Kitchens will help you design and install units for all kinds of commercial spaces that include everything from a private office, a retail shop, a home office, etc. Our team comprises of qualified and experienced shop-fitters, cabinet-makers, office unit designer and project managers who have the capability to work within tight deadlines, without compromising on the quality of work. No matter what space is available, our experienced office unit designers and installers will design office units that will maximize the available space and transform it into a functional commercial space.

Daler Kitchens will be your first choice when it comes to office unit fitters in Reading since we have years of experience in offering office installation and designing services and we also offer tailor made services to cater to your personal needs and choices. With our experience and expertise, we ensure the right balance between functionality, design and budget.

Importance of Choosing Custom Office Furniture

It is very important to choose the right kind of furniture for your office, since it can directly affect the productivity of the employees. It is necessary that you make the employees comfortable at work to yield the maximum work out of them.

Studies have proved that employees give in their best at work when the work environment is better and you can create a great work environment with help of the right office furniture. If your employees are bored, tired or uncomfortable, they will never be able to improve their productivity. When talking about office furniture, one-size-does-not-fit-all since the area and dimensions differ and the needs are different as well.

So if you want your employees to perform well, you must choose custom office furniture that are designed according to your and the employee’s unique needs. The quality of furniture and budget, both need to be considered when buying furniture for your office. While you can get readymade furniture at all furniture stores, custom office furniture offer many advantages over readymade ones.

Advantages of Custom Office Furniture

There are many advantages of choosing customised office furniture over readymade furniture and they are:

Made-to-Order for Perfect Fit

Custom office furniture are made to order which means they are made considering the available space and the particular angles where they need to be fit. This also means you can maximise the available space and utilize every corner of the workplace. Custom furniture add a unique appeal to your office that matches none other.

Highly Customisable

By choosing made to order furniture, you can customize them as much as you want. Add as many numbers of shelves, drawers or racks as you want. You can also customise the furniture according to individual employee needs. An employee working in the accounts department might need more shelves than an employee working as a software developer, so custom furniture will serve the purpose specifically.

If you need to replace one piece of furniture, it become very hard to match readymade furniture; but with custom furniture there are high chances that you will a new piece that matches the existing ones.


Comfort should have the highest priority when choosing office furniture. This is because you and your employees will spend hours sitting at one place or in front of your computer and uncomfortable furniture might lead to various health related issues. Custom office furniture offer maximum comfort since they are made according to individual needs. If you want your chair to be higher than other, you can do it; if you want more leg space you can customise the table accordingly; and so on.


Custom office furniture are much more affordable than readymade furniture and this is the reason why office owners choose made-to-order furniture over readymade ones. You have the liberty to choose the material and style of the furniture depending upon your budget.

Custom office furniture offer the best value for your money along with ensuring highest productivity. So think no more; replace the readymade furniture with custom office furniture and create the best work environment to encourage your employees put in their best efforts.

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    You can purchase basic fitted wardrobes for around £900 to £1,300 per linear metre. The medium budget wardrobes cost about £1,300 to £4,000 per linear metre. This is about average quality wardrobe fittings; however, the rest depends on your precise requirements.

    Fitted wardrobes offer additional space, better storage and can be customised to your room. Other wardrobes occupy more space and are difficult to handle while customisations.

    Yes, we provide free design visit to cater to and collect all your furniture requirements.

    The fittings that we utilise come with 10-years of manufacturer’s guarantee. This assures that even though all of our products are of superior quality, you will be covered if a fault arises.

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