How to select the right materials for your fitted bedroom?

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    How to select the right materials for your fitted bedroom?

    Once you decide about the placement of the fitted bedroom, you need to decide about the material. What are the service providers that are offering fitted wardrobes in London? Where is their office or showroom? Do they focus on aesthetics? What is their preference for choosing the best material for the bedroom?

    If you search for that in the market, then you will find a number of finishes and bases. The designer will check you’re your requirements and specifications and then suggest the best material. It is easy to get overwhelmed by choice.

    To help you better understand these options, here is a guide to wardrobe materials. It will make your decision-making easier.

    What are different materials?

    It is very much important to compare different materials when you design fitted bedrooms in London. The structure of the built-in wardrobe will be made from a base material that is then completed with a range of finishes. When you make a combination of the two, it will be one of the main factors that will determine not just the appearance but also the cost of the fitted bedroom.


    It is manufactured from layers of wood veneers glued together. Plywood is the best material if the wardrobes in kept in areas that are dry. When laminated or covered by veneer, it becomes further water-resistant.

    Particle Board

    Particle board is affordable and it is also an environmentally friendly material made from wood residue. These flattened smooth sheets look like wood. Its surface is ideal for painting or creating decorative cuts and corners.

    MDF or Medium Density fiberboard

    This material has gained tremendous popularity in recent times. It is also a GREEN material because it is made from breaking down residuals into wood fibers. This material is quite dense, and it is durable as compared to particle board. But, it is not a suitable material for designing cheap fitted bedrooms with attached bathrooms. Because it retains moisture.


    Wood Plastic Composite or WPC is a water-resistant, low-maintenance material. It is made by combining wood fiber and thermoplastics. It is an eco-friendly material, which is susceptible to slow decomposition. It is one of the popular finishes.

    Solid Wood

    Well, nobody can deny that solid wood is an ideal choice when you are looking for charm and durability. It can complement any theme. But wood requires regular polishing and maintenance. Also, wood is the most expensive material.

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