How to optimise wardrobe space in a small bedroom?

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    Maximizing wardrobe space in a small bedroom

    Space is a constraint in big cities. Whether you buy a one-bedroom or three-bedroom flat, or a row house; you get limited space. Therefore, it is essential to use every centimeter of it wisely and optimally.

    While you plan the interior of your home, you have two choices. You can either buy readymade wardrobes or you can get fitted bedrooms in London from expert service providers.

    In this blog, here are some suggestions to help you optimize the space with fitted wardrobe ideas for small bedrooms.

    Use every inch of the height

    In small bedrooms, you need to make the most of the height of the room. It will help you squeeze in more storage and free up more floor space. When an expert designer gives you fitted wardrobes in London, he can give you storage ideas that make use of every inch of the height.

    Over The Bed Storage

    When it comes to building wardrobe ideas for a small bedroom, it incorporates storage above the bed. This space will be wasted otherwise. Instead, you should prioritize adding more storage cabinets, so your small bedroom doesn’t become cluttered.

    Use one wall for placing furniture

    In small rooms, a good idea is to place all the furniture on one wall. Thus, you do not get the feeling that the furniture dominates the room. So, you need to place the fitted wardrobes in small bedrooms.

    Furthermore, you should try to keep all the required shelves and drawers within the wardrobe only. Thus, you will not need any further furniture to consume the valuable space.

    Whether it is a bedroom, living room, or kitchen, you need the expert for that. For kitchens, you have to call a fitted kitchen in London specialist to get the best output.

    Use of sliding doors

    If the bedroom is small, then you should aim to have smaller-sized fitted wardrobes with sliding doors. Hinged doors need more space in the room. With a limited floor space in a small room, you need sliding doors. Or you can even go for open wardrobes with no doors.

    Make use of awkward spaces

    Sometimes, the rooms are not only small but they are awkwardly shaped also. You have to use them wisely to maximize the storage potential. A specialist designer can give you the best option and a bespoke design that will fit the furniture perfectly into your home.

    These are some ideas to make optimal use of available space.

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