How to fit sliding wardrobe doors?

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    How to fit sliding wardrobe doors?

    Sliding wardrobe doors Installing process

    Everyone wants that there should be perfect sliding wardrobes in the house. But sometimes, people do not find the right kind of wardrobes. Sometimes, they go for cheap fitted wardrobes and then try to use their DIY skills to fit the doors. There is no harm in buying cheap doors, but you have to fit the doors properly to get the best output.

    If you are not confident about fitting them in-house, then you should dial the number of a professional installer. He will charge some money, but you will not have any hassles and mental tension.

    If you want to test your technical skill set and want to install the sliding doors of fitted wardrobes in London, then this blog is for you.

    • First, you need to check the levels. It is important to ascertain the level of walls, ceiling, and floor.

    • Once you check all the levels, now it is time to measure the depth of the opening. You should think about the type of interior system that you want to go with. It is important to inform to fitted furniture in London consultant.

    • Now, you need to measure the height in three locations across the space where you will install wardrobes. You need to take the smallest measurement so that the wardrobe can be accommodated in the space. Make sure you double-check the measurements. Whether they are fitted wardrobes or fitted kitchens in London, you should not make any mistake in measurements.

    Installing Sliding Wardrobe Doors

    Before you fit your sliding doors, you should collect the necessary tools, e.g., Hand drill, Tape measure, Screw Pencil, Allen key and Spirit level.

    • Firstly, you should screw the top track to the ceiling. Make sure you keep equal spacing before positioning the bottom track on the floor. Do not fix it.

    • Now insert the door into the back channel of the top and bottom tracks.

    • The next step is to position the door on both sides of the track. Level it up well. Once done, you should mark the floor before removing the door.

    • For all track types, you should measure 100 mm from the wall. And then by repeating that, you should space out each one evenly across its length of the track.

    • Now drill through the track and fix them to the floor. Now you need to fit the back doors in.  Adjust the bottom wheels and alter the height and angle of each door by adjusting the bolt closet to the door.

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