How Long Does It Take To Fit A Fitted Wardrobe?

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    How Long Does It Take To Fit A Fitted Wardrobe

    Many times, people are unable to calculate or estimate the time required for installing fitted furniture London. Though no definite answer cannot be given for that because of the varying nature of each particular installation. Take the example of a standard installation of a two-door wardrobe between two walls. Involves the fitting of strike plates on the walls and liners on the ceiling as well as the floor.

    Do you plan to call a professional installer or fitter for fitted wardrobes London? If yes, then you should take the help of the Internet. Read the installation guide so that you know the basics of it. You can also download the same from the website of the furniture provider.

    Once you find the right installer, you should call them at the location before obtaining a quote. The time given by the installation team is based on what it expects to achieve. They are professional fitters, and the time estimate is almost accurate.

    In case, you are looking for a DIY installation, then it is recommended that you read the installation manual provided by fitted furniture London provider. It is better to add some more time to it because you are not a professional.

    Standard Wardrobe Installation

    If the walls and ceiling is levelled, and the walls are straight, then the installation is quite easy and straightforward. Experienced fitters can do it in just a few hours. Still, you should keep half a day reserved for that. If you are doing it DIY, then you may need 7-8 hours with a buffer of two hours.

    If the ceiling or walls are not perfectly straight, then it will need more time for an alignment. Even experienced installers may need 30% more time to install fitted wardrobes London than estimated.

    End Panel to End Panel Installation or With an End Panel

    Installation time increases in this case. The end panel comes oversized. Therefore, it needs more time to carefully cut down to size from top to bottom to match the run of the ceiling and floor. It is reasonable to add another one or one and a half hour to measure, cut, and fix each end panel.

    Installation With Extra Details

    To install wardrobes with extra details, you need some more hours to finish the overall job. Similarly, the installation of a sliding wardrobe interior will take more time. In short, you can expect that the basic 2-door interior installation would take a couple of hours to cut and install. More complex 5 doors interiors could take a full day or longer.

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