How long does it take to fit a Fitted Kitchen?

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    How long does it take to fit a Fitted Kitchen?

    When you want to revamp an existing kitchen and make it completely sleek and smart, it is a stressful job. A smart way of doing that is you have a fitted kitchen London. Yes, thus, it is possible to get a service provider that will work in firm time frames. You will have a close watch on the completion status and end date.

    But the question is how long should you expect the kitchen fitting to take? Is it a long and boring job? Or can it be done fast so that you can enjoy working in a new and stylish kitchen soon? Let’s understand the process and its timelines.

    6 Fitted Kitchen Stages

    1. Planning phase

    The first stage of having fitted furniture London is obviously, planning. It depends on you how much time you spend on that. However, on average, you should not take more than two months. The time required depends on the extent of change you want to incorporate, and how decisive you are.

    If you’re uncertain about the timeline, you may want to consult a professional to help you design your new kitchen and suggest fitting options.

    2. Delivery

    Once the planning phase is over, the service provider that you have hired for fitted kitchens London will start working on the design and manufacturing phase. You should give adequate time to deliver the stuff. According to experts, the standard delivery time is two to four weeks.

    If the kitchen ordered by you is a more bespoke one, then it may take longer. The kitchen supplier will be able to tell you the delivery timeframe based on the design.

    3. Removal

    When there is an existing kitchen that you are going to remove, it is important to consider the time required for that. Usually, it is not more than a few days. But, if there is some extra work involved, or you are supposed to do some construction, then it will need extra time.

    4. First fix

    It is the stage when a plumber or electrician will check the existing system and wiring etc. He will install the required fittings based on your requirement. This step required two to three days.

    5. Fittings

    Once all the groundwork is done, the kitchen will take shape very soon. The majority of work will get over within a week depending on the size and complexity.

    6. Finishing Touches

    It is the last and final stage of cleaning and polishing. It will require three days.

    These are estimated timelines to renovate your kitchen.

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