Hinged or Sliding – Which Wardrobes to Choose?

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    Hinged or Sliding- Which Wardrobes to Choose

    The most important decision making factor when you are stuck between choosing a sliding or hinged door wardrobe is the amount of space available in the room. While hinged wardrobes may prove as a better choice in larger rooms where there is adequate space for the doors to open, a sliding wardrobe shall be a better option to choose in case of a less available space. The other parameter for consideration is definitely the price. Sliding wardrobes require lesser structure. This can thus make them cost effective over hinged doors.

    Listed below are some of the key attributes which you need to think off while choosing a wardrobe-

    1. Room size- sliding doors are better off in places where there already is other furniture or obstructions. Since they do not open into the room, they usually do not take up much space. One tip for sliding wardrobe makers in reading is to add mirrors to the door. They reflect light which can assist in giving your room additional dimensions.

    2. Ceiling of the room- in case you have higher ceiling of your rooms, you can opt for wardrobes that go straight into the ceiling. Sliding wardrobe makers in reading should make two or three sliding doors in case of wardrobe 2400 mm wide. A general tip is additional doors reduce door encroachment into the room.

    3. Sizes of the wardrobe- always ensure that your wardrobes are made to order in order to let them fit almost in any space. With both options you can further choose to design the interiors storage options as per your need which may include long or short hanging tie rack, shoe racks, trouser rails, drawers, shelves and more.

    4. Spacing of interiors- all sliding wardrobe makers in reading, do determine the availability of space between the clothes hanging in the wardrobe and the door. There should be ample space so that you do not pull down or damage the clothes as you slide the door.

    Advantages of Sliding Door Wardrobe

    You can achieve up to 50 percent more storage space in case of sliding door wardrobes. Here’s a look at some the advantages-

    1. Maintenance- these wardrobes are easy to maintain and offer cleanliness and seamless finish. While hinged doors make a room look busy.

    2. Easy to construct- sliding doors can be made out of any measurement with lesser restrictions on layout and design, while hinged doors have to be made of a certain minimum width.

    3. Light allowance- sliding doors allow more light to seep in to your wardrobe than hinged ones with obstruct the flow of light.

    4. Better organization- sliding doors do not open outward allowing your clothes to be hidden instead of hinged ones which burst open otherwise.

    Ensure minute details be taken care of. Knobs, handles, base material may seem to be small details but in the end they go a long way in helping you create the look you want. Think it through carefully and you will be sure to make the right choice.

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