Fitted Wardrobe Maintenance Tips: Keeping Your Investment in Top Condition

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    Fitted Wardrobe Maintenance Tips: Keeping Your Investment in Top Condition

    When you invest in a wardrobe, it is an expensive investment. Therefore, it is essential that you use it long-term. To achieve longevity, it is essential to maintain it well. Taking good care of fitted furniture London makes sense.

    Why does maintenance matter? The better you maintain it, the lesser problems will be there. And therefore, it is better for your wallet.

    According to experts, if one breaks up the cost, then it is clear that caring for an expensive fitted wardrobe makes sense. Buying a new wardrobe will be three times more expensive. Therefore, better is to keep the existing one in order.

    How can you maintain your wardrobe well? Here are some tips. Cleaning the inside of your wardrobe

    Always keep the inside of fitted wardrobes London clean. You should wipe down it with the help of a damp soft cloth with warm soapy water. Use a piece of microfiber to wipe out the excess water.

    If there are more stubborn stains, then use a good quality streak-free glass cleaner. Make sure you follow the instructions of your wardrobe manufacturer, if any.

    Normally, the use of methylated spirits on a soft cloth can be useful. Use circular cleaning motions and do not rub very hard.

    Following these maintenance tips for your fitted wardrobe

    Hardware cleaning

    You should use a mild detergent and lukewarm water to clean hardware like hinges and handles. After washing the hardware, you should rinse it with clean, warm water. Do not use any abrasive substances as they may cause harm to hardware and hinges.

    To ensure that your sliding wardrobe doors are sliding freely, you should clean the bottom track regularly. It will remove dirt, dust, and debris.

    Cleaning of cheap fitted wardrobes will be all the more important because the quality of hinges or handles is not very good. By regular cleaning and maintenance, you can extend their life.

    Adjusting the doors

    If there are sliding doors, then it is necessary to adjust the sliding wardrobe door rollers to raise the sliding door. It will provide clearance between the door and the sill/track.

    Spare parts for your wardrobe

    Should you need spare parts for your fitted wardrobe, it is important that you buy them from authentic and reliable sources. Items like replacement rollers may be available with your supplier. You should call them to know about spare part availability with the team.

    By doing regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your wardrobe and get the maximum return on investment.

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