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    Finding the perfect fitted bedroom furniture can transform your living space into a haven of style and organization. London, a city renowned for its diverse design scene, boasts some of the best furniture stores that cater to every taste and budget. In this article, we explore the top 10 fitted bedroom furniture stores in London, each offering unique solutions to enhance your home.

    List of the Best 10 Fitted Bedroom Furniture Stores in London

    Your bedrooms are arguably the most important rooms in your house. After all, the master bedroom is where you both start and end your day, while the guest bedroom is the place where you welcome those special overnight guests. That’s why we’ve put together this inspiring bedroom design guide. With our bedroom furniture stores list, you can contact directly to owner.

    #1Daler Kitchen & Bedroom

    As the abodes of rest, bedrooms occupy special significance in a home. For personal use and to comfortably host guests in a house, bedrooms must have sufficient storage space to house essential items like clothes, accessories, and even valuables. Daler Kitchens can help you make the most of every inch of space with our range of fitted bedrooms in London. Our bespoke fitted bedrooms in London come in a range of beautiful designs and styles for bedrooms of any shape and size and can instantly give bedrooms a magical makeover.

    #2 JV Carpentry

    JV Carpentry LTD is a Bespoke Furniture Company based in London and registered in the UK. They make custom furniture items such as fitted wardrobes, cupboards, bookcases and fitted storage solutions. The company now has extensive experience building a wide array of fitted furniture and can work across the entire London area (North, South, West, East and Central London).

    #3 I Wardrobes

    i-Wardrobes London design and install bespoke fitted wardrobes in London which are made to measure to suit your exact needs. They all know that bedrooms vary in layout, vibe and size, so they carefully customise each painted, mirrored, hinged or sliding door wardrobe just for you, their equally unique client.

    #4 Metro Wardrobes

    Each piece of Metro Wardrobes furniture is lovingly crafted by our skilled team to bring a touch of luxury to your London home. Custom made to order and always a perfect fit, Metro Wardrobes professionals go the extra mile to ensure the range of your choice is installed on time and to individual specification.

    #5 Urban Wardrobes

    Urban Wardrobes is a London based manufacturer of sliding door wardrobes, walk in closets and bespoke storage solutions. Their main priority is providing customer with luxury fitted furniture without breaking the budget.

    #6 Bravo London

    Enjoy the benefits and beauty of high quality bespoke walk in wardrobes by Bravo London. A well designed walk in wardrobe maximises the available closet space which is ideal for bedrooms in London. Bravo London design and install fitted luxury, bespoke walk in closets wardrobes & we’re here to help you.

    #7 3 Oaks Joinery

    Our 25 years of experience in the woodworking industry makes us a company to trust. From bespoke joinery, fitted wardrobes London flats, to bespoke and custom made wardrobes townhouses, they deliver quality work, creating satisfied customers around the UK.

    #8 FCI London

    If you have a space that needs filling and you could do with some extra storage, then a fitted wardrobe is exactly what you’re looking for. Contrary to shop-bought alternatives, fitted wardrobes are made-to-measure, enabling you to custom-build them to precise specifications and with all the options that suit you best.

    #9 Art Carpentry

    Art Carpentry is a small company of experienced carpenters and decorators based in West London. They work in London and surrounding areas. Art Carpentry Company provides fast, friendly and reliable services covering all aspects of carpentry, bespoke joinery and woodwork painting.

    #10 London Bespoke Interiors

    Ever take a good look at your bedroom and wonder how you can transform it into a room that is amazing? When you work closely with their wardrobe professional designers, they help to create a one of a kind bedroom for you that will match your personality perfectly.

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      You can purchase basic fitted wardrobes for around £900 to £1,300 per linear metre. The medium budget wardrobes cost about £1,300 to £4,000 per linear metre. This is about average quality wardrobe fittings; however, the rest depends on your precise requirements.

      Fitted wardrobes offer additional space, better storage and can be customised to your room. Other wardrobes occupy more space and are difficult to handle while customisations.

      Yes, we provide free design visit to cater to and collect all your furniture requirements.

      The fittings that we utilise come with 10-years of manufacturer’s guarantee. This assures that even though all of our products are of superior quality, you will be covered if a fault arises.

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