Do you fit new kitchen before flooring?

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    Do you fit new kitchen before flooring?

    You give the contract for the renovation of the house and expect a flawless and systematic house. But when it comes to finalize fitted kitchens in London, there is a debate. What should be done first, flooring or fitted kitchen?

    Some people are in favor of doing flooring first. Whereas some vote for getting the fitted furniture installed first.

    Interestingly, both sides have some pros and cons. Let’s understand them in detail.

    Why should you lay the floor first?

    When people recommend putting down flooring first and then fitted kitchen London, they have some strong supporting statements. They feel that when you start with the flooring, you get a sleeker and more seamless finish. The benefits are:

    Easy installation

    When you begin with your flooring, you fit it into the entire house. Therefore, there is no need to cut it around the cabinetry. The installation work happens quickly and easily. Of course, you save on cost.

    It looks clean

    Since the flooring runs all the way, there are no messy edges or joins. The flooring happens in a seamless manner.

    Easy layout changes

    The flooring covers the entire area, so reconfiguration of cabinets in the future is easy. You can ask the fitted furniture London specialist to change the design specs. Thus, operationally it is easier. You get better value for money.

    Why should you install cabinets first?

    Many people recommend putting cabinetry in first. It is because they are usually more cost-conscious. They think about limiting wasted materials and minimizing unwanted expenses. They are often more concerned about the possibility of damage to the new surfaces while doing renovations. The benefits are:

    It’s usually cheaper

    As mentioned earlier, having fitted kitchen London installation first saves money. Since you need not do flooring where the area is covered by cabinets, it saves a significant cost.

    The potential for damage is minimal

    When you complete the furniture fitting first, the possibility of scratching or marking on the roof is minimal. It is because you will not need to move heavy machinery on the newly laid flooring.

    It may not be suitable for your flooring

    Some flooring material cannot be laid underneath cabinetry, for example, hardwood. It contracts and expands due to temperature change.

    Which should go in first?

    As we saw, there are pros and cons to both of these approaches. Which you choose will really depend on the materials used by you. And of course, it depends on your personal choice.

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