Do fitted wardrobes sit on carpet?

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    Do fitted wardrobes sit on carpet?

    When you order the best bespoke fitted wardrobes in London, one question always troubles you. Whether you should carpet before ordering fitted wardrobes or after? Well, technically both scenarios are possible. It means the service provider will not refuse to install fitted wardrobes unless you get the carpet installed.

    However, experts believe that there are pros and cons of installing wardrobes before or after carpeting. So, in the end, you have to decide about it.

    If you ask a wardrobe team that has been designing and installing wardrobes for a long time, you can get heaps of practical advice to help you make decisions, including guidance and knowledge on wardrobe fitting and carpeting.

    Nowadays, sliding wardrobes in London are gaining popularity over normal wardrobes. But regardless of the type and

    Whether they are any type of wardrobes, you have to do research and analysis on the suitability of carpeting before or after installing wardrobes in your home.

    Do You Carpet Before or After Fitted Wardrobes?

    Carpeting before fitted wardrobes

    If you choose this option, then make sure that the floor is level so that after a few years your wardrobes don’t end up dropping.

    If the carpets are thin without separate underlay, then they are usually firm and level enough to offer a stable base for the wardrobe.

    If they are thick, tufted, or woven, then you will need a floor liner placed between the carpet and the wardrobe.

    As far as doors are concerned, you need to remove a section of the carpet where there are sliding door tracks. This allows space for the track of the sliding doors to be screwed on top of the liner.

    Carpeting after fitted wardrobes

    When you install your carpet after fitting normal or loft-fitted wardrobes, you have to prepare a little extra. It is the cutting of the carpet around the frame.

    Similar to carpeting before fitting wardrobes, experts recommend using a floor liner to level the bottom door track. It will provide a systematic and neat, straight edge for the edge of your carpet.

    Not only that the carpet will remain fixed well, but also it will look good.

    Alternatively, you can fold the carpet under itself to create a neat edge.

    Deciding whether to carpet before or after your fitted wardrobe depends on what you want and what you prefer.

    In both situations, you will need the help and expertise of professional carpenters, who have experience in this area.

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