5 Best Ideas to Use Kitchen Cabinets in other Rooms

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    5 Best Ideas to Use Kitchen Cabinets in other Rooms

    Bespoke kitchens in London have become popular nowadays. They can bring organization to the kitchen. Designers can help your clients add style and functionality to the kitchen.

    However, kitchen cabinets can add value not only to the kitchen but to other spaces as well. With the help of built in wardrobes in london, you can makeover your laundry room, bathroom, pantry, basement, or garage.

    In this blog, you will get a few ideas to incorporate kitchen cabinets into any area of the house. When you use the same style of cabinets throughout the home, it unifies the look and brings cohesiveness to the overall interior design.

    5 Ways to Use Kitchen Cabinets in Other Rooms

    1. Kitchen cabinets in bedrooms

    You will be amazed to know that, but kitchen cabinets can be installed as freestanding wardrobes in bedrooms.

    Since all shelves are adjustable, and they are separate cabinets that can be interchanged to put the most-used items, these cabinets are very useful.

    The closet cabinets are ideal for extra storage in a bedroom area. Cabinets with drawers are quite useful in bedrooms because you can store folded clothes or smaller accessories.

    You can also hide valuables behind cabinet doors. Even a few of them can be used for keeping toys and board games for the kids.

    2. Kitchen cabinets in Pantries

    With the help of kitchen cabinets, it is possible to optimize the pantry area. Using cabinets and pullouts of good height, it is possible to store cans, boxes, spices, etc.

    With their easy accessibility and organized design, these cabinets can make things better.

    3. Kitchen cabinets in Bathrooms

    By adding kitchen cabinets to the bathroom, it is possible to use space efficiently. Even a small space can also be made usable where you can keep all the necessary things, e.g., toiletries, towels, and cleaning supplies. There are roll-out organizers, pullout cabinets, and slide-out shelving to improve storage in the bathroom.

    Kitchen cabinets also add style to the bathroom. It is a style statement in the bathroom, indeed.

    4. Basement

    Kitchen cabinets have the capability of transforming the basement from a dark, unfinished area into a lively entertainment center, workout area, or family room. It can function even as a home office also.

    5. Laundry room

    Every homeowner thinks that there should be a well-organized laundry room in the home. Installing kitchen cabinets in the laundry room is a great idea. It can add functionality to it and brighten the space.

    Different cabinets can be used for adding countertop space or for folding clothes.

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