10 Space-Saving Ideas for Fitted Wardrobes

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    10 Space-Saving Ideas for Fitted Wardrobes

    Why are many people prefer fitted wardrobes in London? Obviously, because it is a space-saving idea. Not just that, but it keeps your home compact and clutter-free. But, how will you make them further space-saving?

    10 creative space-saving ideas for fitted wardrobe

    #1 Use the area around your bed

    If you do not have a space in the bedroom, then you need to use the area above and around your bed for built-ins. Most of the fitted bedrooms in London use the space because of this reason.

    #2 Step up

    When you have a small house, then you can not find display opportunities easily. But, by adding open shelving, that follows the line of steps, you can get extra space.

    #3 Match the palette

    If there are loft fitted wardrobes, then you can use a mix of open storage, floating shelves, and room dividers. However, it is essential to keep the lines simple and offer an opportunity for light to flow through the built-ins.

    #4 Use the space under the stairs

    This space is underutilized in most homes. But, if you have a split-level architecture, then there is a lot of space available beneath the stairs. But, it is important to divide the space into sections that are easy to access.

    #5. Space in the living room and bedroom

    When you do not have the luxury of space, then it is essential to use every inch of the space. You can fit wardrobes in such a way that there is extra space and open storage, even if it is the living room. In the bedroom, you can have an over bed wardrobe.

    #6. Built-in seating

    It is a great idea for kitchen wardrobes. Thus, you do not waste precious floor space. Your interior designer will give his genius touch and make it possible.

    #7 Space-saving bathroom wardrobes

    Since you do not have space, you need to make bathroom wardrobes multi-purpose. For example, you can have a space-savvy vanity and cupboard and shaving cabinet including a sink.

    #8. Built-in Shelves and cupboards

    Interiors use built-ins widely and in a fairly shallow manner. Thus, you do not take floor space but get a lot of usable space.

    #9. Tucked in

    When space is very costly and you need more storage, every millimeter is important. By installing built-in cupboards in the entry and open shelves, you can get a lot of space.

    #10. Make use of walls

    You can install floating cupboards, and shelving, to get work and storage space.

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