10 of the Most Timeless Kitchen Design Features for Your Home

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    There is a lot of talk regarding timeless kitchen design features. When you go for research about fitted kitchens in London, you encounter this term.

    Your kitchen is the most important room in the house, it has to be timeless. They are the features that won’t go out of style. And simultaneously they will provide the functionality to carry out daily tasks.

    Here are the Top 10 Timeless Design Features for the kitchen.

    #1 Traditional range cookers

    Do you think they are very much traditional, and nobody prefers it today? If yes, then you are wrong. They are very much in demand and a statement kitchen appliance.

    #2 Sustainable kitchen

    In the modern era, people put a great focus on reducing their carbon footprint. It is possible only when the kitchen uses sustainable energy. It should follow the norms for the emission of greenhouse gases.

    #3 Shaker-style cabinet

    It is unique and special. The design is a distinctly minimal and clean design. Indeed, it is a timeless elegance. Since it is made from the least essentials and doesn’t have any embellishments, it is rustic.

    Whether you choose cheap fitted kitchens designs or spend an exorbitant one, these cabinets can be incorporated into both.

    #4 Neutral colors of cabinets

    The neutral colors are versatile and timeless. You can style them practically and the dream kitchen will be ready. They make a small kitchen feel more spacious. You can brighten them easily and change it into a classic, charming kitchen.

    #5 Wooden effect

    Wooden kitchens are popular because they make a connection with the outdoors. They are durable and easy to source. Their warm color makes the kitchen times in all aspects.

    #6 use of Quartz or Marble

    You can find them in a variety of colors and patterns. They look premium and clean. And at the same time, they are durable, water-resistant, and stain-proof.

    #7 Fitted cabinets

    You should get the units fitted to the walls and floors in the kitchen also like you fitted wardrobes London. They will make your kitchen clean and sturdy.

    #8  Hidden storage

    Indeed, you need a lot of storage in the kitchen, but you should not forget the style and appearance. With the hidden, built-in storage, you preserve clean lines and reduce clutter.

    #9 Flag flooring

    Flag floors are beautiful and sturdy. They last for many years.  Stone floors require little maintenance and create a seamless flow.

    #10 Metal handles

    Solid metal handles have sustained their popularity because they look stylish. They make the kitchen pleasingly smooth.

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